Romney’s stupid move

The circus that is the 2016 Presidential primary continues apace with special speech made by Mitt Romney in Salt Lake City this afternoon.   Trump’s flaws are well-known with his advocacy of universal health care, invasion of privacy and abuses of due process as brilliantly summarized by Bruce Fein in the Washington Times.   Nevertheless, as of this writing, he leads in the polls and in delegates and stands a good chance to win the nomination.  What has made him so attractive is his stand as an outsider and that he is a man that is not beholden to special as he has funded his own campaign.  It is also a known fact that the public has gradually come to the realization that the men in Washington have thrown them under the bus and that they are more interested in serving lobbyists in the DC suburbs than hearing the people.  Trump has tapped into this discontent with maximum effect.

Into this campaign stepped Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee for President.  In his ineptitude, he has thrown gasoline on the fire as he said some of these whoppers:

His tax plan in combination with his refusal to reform entitlements and honestly address spending would balloon the deficit and the national debt. So even though Donald Trump has offered very few specific economic plans, what little he has said is enough to know that he would be very bad for American workers and for American families.

Where has this man been in the last decade?  It was the GOP Congress that gave us Medicare Part D that aggravated the deficit and it was Romney’s allies like John McCain and Lindsay Graham that voted to bail out the big banks that sent the debt into the stratosphere.   The GOP Congress under Speaker Ryan has abandoned any pretense of capping spending by eliminating the sequester in early 2015 and setting the stage for larger deficits in the future.  Romney should just be quiet and stop talking about plans.

Mr. Trump’s bombast is already alarming the allies and fueling the enmity of our enemies. Insulting all Muslims will keep many of them from fully engaging with us in the urgent fight against ISIS, and for what purpose? Muslim terrorists would only have to lie about their religion to enter the country.

Again, the irony is stunning.  Our government has constantly aggravated the situation by engaging in Wilsonian nation building and arming rebels that are intent on overthrowing Assad and creating an ISIS stronghold.  We arm the Saudis to the tune of $60 billion and they have used those weapons to kill their enemies in Yemen.    You talk about bombast?  We chant USA!!  USA!!  USA!! as if our country is the only one that matters in this world.

I can go on and on, but the clear facts are that we are $20 trillion in debt, our civil liberties are in great peril and the remaining candidates have no clue on how to get us out of this mess.  Romney’s words might be the stuff of eloquence, but in the hands of “competent” people, we are fast approaching national bankruptcy.  Trump is not the solution, but who is?  Time to stop the world saving and let’s concentrate on home and hearth.

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