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Being unemployed is a traumatic experience for anybody.  A person hopes to have a long career at a position and looking forward to retirement and then BOOM, out the door they go.  To be unemployed gives one a sense of rootlessness, a time in their lives where they do not know where they would go.  Of course some try to stay in one area, but the reality is that in this changing world of the job market, a move out of town is a big possibility.   Look for similar jobs not only in your home state, but also in adjoining states where a move might not be that expensive.  The key is to be enthusiastic and be ready for every interview whether in person, by video call or over the phone.  Study the job, see what the position entails and look over the website of the prospective employer.  That way, you can be ready to ask questions about the job.

As for websites, I recommend Indeed, Monster and for those who wish to seek positions in state government, Government Jobs.  At these sites, you can break down positions by salary and location and the sites are very easy to navigate.  Remember, if you have joined the ranks of the unemployed, do not fear.  Just make sure you look for work immediately and do not get discouraged.

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