Heading for Wichita Falls

Life became a bit rougher five months ago when the Library Director at my former employ was with the HR person and told me that I was being let go due to the restructuring of the library by the Secretary of State.  It was at the height of summer when I was released and I realized that I needed to find work.  I could not be content with just looking for work locally, so I sent applications to various locations from California all the way up to Lincoln, Nebraska.  There were many close calls but the positions that I interviewed for were given to other candidates.

It is by great Providence that I have found work at the Wichita Falls Public Library in Texas and the position gives me a chance to do collection development, reference work and cataloging and hopefully the work will give me a chance to shine.  The move will be difficult as I am uprooting my family after being in Arizona for eight years.  I love Arizona with its scenery and its people, but I knew that I had to support my family, so off to Texas we go.  I hope that  I can find a good church home and that the small-town atmosphere will be a benefit to my wife and son.

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Hello folks, my name is Efrem and I am a great purveyor of information. I love to travel, read informative books and have a fascination with all sorts of stuff. I graduated in 2007 from San Jose State University with an MLIS and have done library work for the past several years. Before that I was a legislative assistant in the California Legislature where I got tired of the rat race. I am married to my wonderful wife and have a spunky son who loves to read as well. I hope you enjoy my site.

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