William Grigg: a Gentle Giant for liberty

Last December, I mourned the loss of Ralph Raico, a man from whom I obtained a refreshing revisionist history that challenged the narrative of many history professors that never questioned our government.  Today, I grieve for the lost of William Grigg who was a tireless champion for liberty against our government.  He was beholden to no organization as he bolted from the John Birch Society for what he believed was a growing like for statism that existed in the organization.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Freedom Summit in Phoenix, Arizona in 2014.  He spoke eloquently that day on the growing police state and the dangers it posed to our liberty.  At the end of the program, he gave me a great hug and talked about how he drove from Idaho to Arizona because her refused to fly with the TSA harassing airplane travelers.   Here is one of his interviews from 2014.

His loss is a big blow, but it is with a firm certainty that we will both meet again in front of the Lord Almighty.   Rest well, William.